An invasion

Last night, a little group of ten or so

Local business men and guests

Came into the bar, and, one by one

Joined the group in the corner.

And celebrated, cheerily, not too loudly, happily.

No fuss, no bother.

Tonight a group of ten or so Americans

‘Invade’ the bar, and, slowly and surely

Expand the space they use,

And the noise they emit.

And soon, all you can hear

Is Americans.

A rising clatter.

Then one man joins, a little late

‘Hi Boss’ they called

And shake hands and slap backs

And then…..two groups.

Men to the right

Women to the left

Business and babies.

Black dress and casual

Standing to the right, sitting to the left.

Bar stools and boots

Cocktails and beers

And then slowly they mingle again;

With some men not knowing

Which group to join…..

Shuffling from right to left


The group on the right

Listen intently to one man speak.

On the left, pretending not to hear

But every ear