Tell me…..

“Tell me, Grandad….

What did you do in the lockdown?”

“Me, lad……

Aye well……I stayed at home.

I washed my hands.

I wore a mask.

I kept my distance.

I walked alone.

I never had a haircut.

I never went to a cafe,

Or down to the pub.

I never met my mates.

There was just me…..and Gran…

We did it all alone.”

“But Jimmy’s Grandad…..he never did that

He had a good time.

He met his mates. 

He went out and about with them.

He went to town with them…..

…..and fishing.”

“Ah yes.

Jimmy’s Grandad.

I knew him……

Before he passed.”

The Stranger

Covid who?

Stupid name that.


That’s not a surname….

It’s a number.

Lead singer with a group, is he?

Or the head of some third world coup, is he?

Perhaps the next PM?

We don’t want another of them!

Well not for a while.

Too much guile…

Too much bile!

Oh, I know.

I get the flow.

It’s a TV thriller

And he’s the serial killer!

Or maybe he’s a ‘she’.