We have a little elfin……………

We have an elfin staying here,
It’s really rather queer.
It can’t be heard, it can’t be seen,
It isn’t around, but it’s definitely been.

It’s always here playing hide-and-seek,
For it is really very meek,
And it’s sounds are drowned,
When our Grandchild’s around,
…….and always during the week.

So how do we know this creature has been,
When it never can be seen?
It leaves it’s mark
In the day and the dark,
And all times in-between.

There’s a light on here,
And a light on there.
A towel all rumpled.
And a bed all crumpled.
Pencils abound.
With some on the ground.
And there are books all agape.
And the remains of a grape.
And crumbs on the floor,
And a wide open door.
Socks not in pairs,
And crisps on the chairs,
A half-finished drink
And plates in the sink
Oh…what a mess,
It’s a bit of a stress.

But at the end of the day,
When our grandchild’s away
The elfin goes quiet
No more riot……..
How odd?