There are those in this life

Whose need is assistance in times of grief and strife.

And we empower some to do that work each day.

For we assume that those in need can not…..and will shy away…

We train some to do this task…

And seldom do we ask….

How or why or when…

These hidden men and women

Do their work unsung

But beware of hidden men and women!

Don’t mock…

Or knock…

Their efforts

Beware the good.

Beware the God fearing and the righteous

Beware the meek and humble

Beware the quiet

Beware those you laugh at

Beware those you ignore

Beware those to whom you pay no heed.

For when you feel strong

When you feel invincible

When you fear nothing….

And no man….


Then will those whom you do not fear

Rise up and consume you.

Be nice to hidden men and women.

The problem is…….

The problem with retirement

Is what you become in the eyes of others.

For men it’s harder.

Women are always what they have been….

Sisters, aunties, wives, and mothers,

Keepers of the larder.

But when a man retires, he is no more!

He is no more what he was,

He’s just a bore

Who talks about things because

There isn’t anything else to do with all that knowledge.

And if you carry on……working

There’s no concession, no quarter

No respite, just shorter


You’re older, and in the way

You have nothing of value to say.

It’s a young man’s game.

And if you quit…..retire….desist

It’s worse… cease to exist

You are not what you were…

It stops…. in the blink of an eye

You have nothing of value to say.

This has to stop.

Let battle commence!