“There’s more chance of landing on Mars…”
He said….
“There’s more chance of that than getting Gold.
Never in a month of Sundays…..”
He said…..
“Three bloody weeks of this”
He said….
“We couldn’t run a piss-up in a brewery”
He said….
“We’ll be the laughing stock of the world”
He said….
“We just haven’t got it in us”
He said…..
“We’re not good at winning, we just invent the game, then lose”
He said…..
“No killer instinct”
He said….
“And the women, well, they are worse…..Beach Volley Ball, Beach Volley Ball!!”
He said….
“That’s not an Olympic sport”
He said….
Do you know…..
We have landed on Mars,
It feels like we’ve had a Month of Sundays,
We’ve got Gold coming out of every orifice
The women have been superb
Beach Volley Ball has been highly entertaining…
And skilful.
And that old bugger has been glued to the TV night and day!
Cheering and shouting
Demanding his tea on the sofa
Putting the TV on in the kitchen
(We never have the TV on in the kitchen…..never….don’t know why he bought it.)
Discussing the nuances of every sport…
Well, the ones we win at….
It just seems like every sport!
And now……and now….
“Pity it’s over”
He said….
“Bloody Olympics!”
She said!

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