For Jim

I didn’t really know Jim.
Not ‘him’.
That’s not really true,
I just didn’t have the whole view,
Just the bits of the jigsaw I was allowed to see.
If you look behind what you know
Or think you know….
If you read between the lines……
…..and don’t ignore the signs….
You see the ‘man’
The more you look the more you see.
But not that crooked gait
He hid that
You didn’t notice that…..
….it remained unsaid, because….
You were too busy looking at the man.
He saw to that.
To me….
He was a tall strong man.
A man who ‘can’.
A man who ‘did’.
And a big heart and a cheery smile,
Someone with whom you’d want to spend a while,
And talk about cricket,
Or archeological digs
Or Rugby……hmmm….
…….do you know…….
…….if he could have had a runner like he did in cricket…..
He’d have played Rugby!
(Rules were not to be obeyed!)
Not for him. Not for Jim!
(James to his Mother)
Not for the man that bought noisy Christmas presents
For his nephew.
He smiled! No……he chuckled!
And then accepted the ban from buying toys
That made a noise.
Each has his or her little tale
And when recalled
It cannot fail
To raise a smile…..a chuckle….a memory.
Smile with fondness
Chuckle with fondness
Remember with fondness.
To you he was a Brother
To you an Uncle
To you a Son
To me…..
He was just my friend
……but, then
…….he was that to us all!

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