The problem is…….

The problem with retirement

Is what you become in the eyes of others.

For men it’s harder.

Women are always what they have been….

Sisters, aunties, wives, and mothers,

Keepers of the larder.

But when a man retires, he is no more!

He is no more what he was,

He’s just a bore

Who talks about things because

There isn’t anything else to do with all that knowledge.

And if you carry on……working

There’s no concession, no quarter

No respite, just shorter


You’re older, and in the way

You have nothing of value to say.

It’s a young man’s game.

And if you quit…..retire….desist

It’s worse… cease to exist

You are not what you were…

It stops…. in the blink of an eye

You have nothing of value to say.

This has to stop.

Let battle commence!

One response to “The problem is…….

  1. Wait…
    The problem with retirement…
    is what you see when you look in the mirror
    You no longer see what you’ve always been
    and you think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
    It’s nothing to do with gender
    Women who’ve worked feel the same loss
    Or suffer the ache of an empty nest
    And seek friendships..they aren’t interested in the larder!
    Back to you…
    If you can throw off the mantel of entitlement
    you can humbly and usefully share
    your expertise and life experience
    with someone who actually cares.
    There are voluntary opportunities everywhere
    working with people who are just people not roles
    If you find a niche where you know you can add value
    Then you will have found the meaning of retirement ‘with soul’.

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