Does time move faster each year?

Or is it just in my head?

Does the turning of the earth have a 5th gear

Secretly engaged?

It has been a year of turmoil in this life …..

Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew

All embroiled in daily work ….. and pestilence ….. or other strife

Nowhere within view

seems to escape to a quieter, calmer pace.

The world’s a melting pot.

Inhabited by people in an endless race

Each trying to improve their lot.

So, take a break; take stock

Join with those of differing belief….

…. or none at all ….

And feel the relief ….

…. from deadlines, from pressures, from speed …

Suspend briefly, the worry and fear……

Walk the countryside, recharge, and return refreshed indeed

To who knows what …. perhaps a better time!

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