I am what I am

I am fed up of trying to be what I am not.
I am what I am.
Actually, I am a product of my upbringing
Of where I went to school.
Of who my friends were
Of what my fears were
Of what my hopes were


Of what my wife made me
Of what my family made me
Of what my job made me

I am what I am!

What to do?

I am what I am.
I can only be what I am
I can only think what I think
I can only say what I say
I can only do what I do.

After a life time of being what others want me to be
I want to be myself
I want to be comfortable in my own skin
I want to be accepted by my kin…
Not for what they want me to be
But for what I am.

Love me or hate me….
I am what I am.
I like that.
Live with it!

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