We moved!

Moving house.


Fitting quarts into pint pots

With lots and lots and lots

Of junk collected through the years.

The worst of all fears

Drowning in a sea of junk!

Everything from Art Deco to Punk

Bits and pieces

From sons and nieces

And daughters……oh….daughters..

and in the midst of all this chaos

One lone cry.

Why……oh why…..oh why…..

Did I tell her I found it in the loft!

I must be going soft.

It’s been there for ages

Even the wisest of sages

Didn’t know it still existed.

But still the cry……

Oh….don’t throw that away…..

Total dismay.

Send it to the tip or put it in the charity skip

We haven’t got the room.


If we keep it the kids will only have to sort it when we’re gone

And do you really want to do that to them?

And with the grandchildren……mayhem!

The best gift we can leave

Is a clean and tidy house

No junk….no ‘stuff’…

Just happy memories.

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